23 Rims No One Can Afford (And They Aren’t Worth It Anyway)


Each year that passes brings more and more affordable or not-so-affordable rim models. Not all designs can be understood and appreciated equally. Some people like modern forged rims, while others love the classic or old-school models and refuse to look at something else. Each person has a standard, but tastes can vary from stunning to ugly based on what people prefer to buy.

However, finding a car with a new set of alloy rims that suit it perfectly can be very hard these days, unfortunately. Some people tend to transform their rides into flashy things with a lot of chrome everywhere just to turn heads, but others still have the desire to enjoy their cars without the need to stand out.

Because technology has evolved so much, nowadays one can choose from a very long list of rim types, from classic to racing or custom made and even cast and forged wheels. Despite the wide range of models, the prices can vary a lot from one type to another, from around $100 each to well north of $500. Some rims can cost more than the car on which they are mounted, but others may have a price tag that is above all limits. The last category would have not been created if potential buyers did not exist, though. And the fact seems like it will never change: people will always be willing to spend money on rims.

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Start Date: 2018-10-19

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